6 Natural Ways to Last Longer in bed.

How to last longer in bed?


Everyone wants to finish first but the case is just the opposite when it comes to bed and you are with your partner. It is embarrassing for a man to not to last longer in bed. So if you are also one from them and get embarrassed mostly then it’s time to change before you get changed by your girl. Well sounds too deep… isn’t it? But it’s no fun when you end early. Below there are some ways to boost your mileage in bed and last long enough to please your partner. Just give them a try.

6 Natural ways to last longer in Bed :-


1. Get your mind out of it first :-

Performance worry is the worst enemy of not able to last long in bed, so just get out of there right now. Stop when you feel anxiety and take a deep breath in and out and get all worries out, just feel and enjoy sex. Remember what has to last longer is you in bed and not your anxiety.

2. Masturbate often :- 

Masturbating makes you have a control on your orgasms. You can learn how to be very close to orgasm and then come back also via masturbating. Oh! You boys got another reason to masturbate now. It will be even better if you masturbate a few hours back before having sex with your partner. This will automatically increase your bed time.

3. Lack of knowledge on how your body works :-

You can’t fire a gun unless you know how to trigger. I know you got my point what I mean to say. Most men don’t know the right trigger which makes them ejaculate. Don’t create a condition; let the condition arise on its own. Natural conditioning is the most effective way for you to last longer in bed.

4. Add foreplay and subtract anxiety :-

Add more and more foreplay because a slow build up will make you last longer. Indulge your partner in foreplay and make her aware of this before so that she too has a mind set and get some ideas for foreplay. Two brains will get more and different ideas for foreplay rather than just you thinking of it.

5. Sex positions :-

If you keep changing your sex positions you can delay orgasm. Try positions that put more pressure on the top side of your penis or positions that reduce penetration depths. Women on top or doggy style are few such positions that can help you last longer. Hey, remember I said few.

6. Squeeze technique :-

There is a place near your penis where if you apply pressure or squeeze you can control orgasm. When you are at the bulge of Cumming you can press the spot between the anus and testicles. Pressing at that point can stop the flow and make you last for even some more time.

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