Is Hair Transplant Permanent?

Is hair transplant permanent?

There are many causes of hair loss and what one needs to do is to find its origin first. Apparently, a hair doctor will help you out of it. But one thing should never be neglected that for hair loss, Hair Transplant is not the only solution. It may happen that from some medication may help you out of it. So never jump directly to hair transplant. Consult a doctor, get to know its causes and ask for the possible solutions. Also, you will have to do some research and find out someone who specializes in hair transplantation.

Well, the fact is that the hair which is not transplanted may fall but the “hair once transplanted will never fall and are permanent” if taken specific care. There is a safe zone from where hair tissues are made for hair transplantation.

One may often find some hair falling out after hair transplantation, but that is not the thing to worry at all. It’s almost routine if, after transplant of hair, some fall as they will come back permanently after 5-6 months period.

Also if we go through some statistics, we can find that a person going for a hair transplant once will go for the second one within ten years. It depends on person to person; some live happily after hair transplant for years as they don’t find any issues. While some face hair fall problems after the transplantation.

Also the surroundings, environment, diet, daily routine, all these also play a significant role in deciding the life of hairs after the hair transplantation.
Well, there are a minority of people who live happily for an entire life after hair transplantation and also a large percentage of patients who will be prescribed medication, and the following hair transplant may be possible in the future.


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