5 Organic Tips for Hair Growth.


Hair fashion is trendy and long hairstyles are getting into another level nowadays. But using of chemical-rich shampoos and conditioner may cause your hair fall and early to baldness(wanna stop balding?). Focusing on the hair growth, you need to be very careful with your lifestyle if you are also looking for faster hair growth. Seriously speaking there are no such trips and tricks by following which you can grow your hair faster and thicker. But you can only make your hair more healthy and smooth.

Here in this article, you will get to know about the natural remedies that you can follow to help your hair grow healthy and fast so that you could do any hairstyles like latest hairstyles, prom etc. The remedy includes like changing your foods, lifestyle and much more. So without anymore due let’s have a look at the best remedy that you can follow to make the hair grow faster and smoother.


The Best remedy to fasten the Hair Growth:



  • Scalp Oil Massage: Oil massage is a basic remedy that you can follow to keep your both hair and scalp healthy and dandruff free. Actually, regular massage on your scalp and hair regulated the blood flow which in results increases the rate of hair growth. So after washing your head, you can massage your hair and scalp with oil, and for massage simply apply oil on your head and then massage simply with your fingers. Always, make sure that after doing massage on your head you must wash it well with normal water so that it doesn’t smell bad.

  • Stress-free life: Living a stress-free life is very much important for both body and hair. Also having stress in life cause more hair fall, as stress interrupts the normal hair growth and making it slower. So you must try to stay with stress-free life as much as you can. Also to get rid of stress you can follow up doing yoga every morning, jogging and speaking out with friends.                

    In yoga, you can also try doing a handstand for few minutes, as it also increases blood flow in the head. So if you want your hair to grow faster then you must take care that you don’t go through any stress period in your life.

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  • Apply egg mask: This remedy is very helpful for smoother and faster hair growth. Applying egg hair mask often will enrich vitamin on your scalp which will also result in faster hair growth. Before you apply egg paste on your hair you must massage your hair well with oil and then apply the egg mask on your hair. This step will enhance your hair to consume more of proteins from the egg and oil. You shall try out this remedy at least twice a weak to see a positive result on your hair. 

  • Using herbal items: Instead of using many chemicals rich shampoos try using the natural ones. The natural hair creams or shampoos are always profitable for your hair, as it is rich in nutrients and doesn’t leave any bad impact on your hair or to the scalp. So it will be very much helpful if you start using the herbal products other than using the chemical-rich products from the market.


  • Apply aloe vera on your hair: Aloe vera is very good for hair, it protects from excessive hair fall and remove dandruff from the scalp and enhance hair growth naturally. You can apply the aloe vera gel mixed with lemon juice on your scalp and keep it form half an hour and then wash your head with shampoo.                                                              Also if you are tired of applying gel on your hair then, you can also drink aloe vera gel as it is also very healthy. So try out this remedy once or twice every week and you will get a good result. 



So these are the remedy that you can follow to make your hair grow faster and smoother. All of these remedies are having one similarity, that is everything is herbal and no chemical products are used. Follow this remedy and you will see a better result in your hair growth from the first week itself. This is all, if you are having any more queries then you can comment down below.



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