How to stop hair balding?

Almost one-third of the population is affected by hair baldness, and this is one such problem that you can’t always prevent. However, one can follow some steps to avoid and hinder factors that lead to bald hair. As some of the major factors to prevent hair loss in men and women are under your control. Let’s find them out.

1. Prefer using mild shampoo

Regular hair wash prevents accumulation of dirt and dandruff in your hair. Both are considered as the primary cause of hair baldness. So it is recommended to wash your hair daily and 3-4 times a week with mild shampoo.

2. Use essential oil

One should massage his/her hair daily for few minutes. Doing so increases the circulation in the head. Prefer using lavender, almond, or sesame oil for massage to enhance its results. Better the movement in your head better will be the health of your hair.

3. Do Meditation

Stress is one of the causes of baldness, so prefer doing meditation and exercises. They are one of the primary sources to reduce stress and tension. Getting some traditional meditation or yoga or tai chi are some of the best ways considered to stop baldness.

4. Avoid combing wet hair

Wet hair should never be combed as it is the stage where your hair is the weakest and will break very easily. Also prefer fingers to remove tangles from hair, instead of combs and brush.

5. Take proteins

Medicines and medical treatments are not the best solution for baldness and moreover is not recommended. Take enough proteins in your diet as nutritional deficiency may be one cause of your baldness. Include protein rich diet as proteins increase hair health and make them stronger.

6. Get to know the root cause

Rather than trying different remedies, try to understand the root cause of your baldness. If you are much bald then you should go to the Hair Transplant. As trying various measures and getting depressed at the end is not at all a better solution. Consult a doctor, understand the root cause of your baldness and then use remedies and see best results.

Other recommended points that can stop baldness are:

• Avoid smoking
• Reduce alcohol intake
• Drink more water
• Avoid sweat hair
• Limit use of hair dryers
• Avoid dyes and chemicals.


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